3. Specifications

Some Nautilus Specifications

Sub Ram

(Click for Full Size)

The Nautilus

( As configured in my drawings and notes, and defined by Verne in the narrative. )

229 feet, 8 inches (70 meters) in Length  x  26 feet, 3 inches (8 meters) in Diameter (beam)   Verified on all drawings.

Can cruise at 50 knots or 57.5 mph

A Narwhal tusk:    length 2.25 m  (8.2 ft)  base 48 cm  (18.9 in)  –  From the Verne text.

                            (Used for developing the ramming spur on the Nautilus bow)

 Finalized Deck Planning:       

(as I resolved them)

 Upper Deck  /  Above Decks  –  exterior hull:  

            Forward Hatch,  ladder to interior  /  Wheel House  /  Forward Platform  /  Dinghy   

            Central Hatch,  stairs to interior  /  Light Reflector  / 

            Aft Platform  /  Aft Hatches,  ladder to interior

 Upper Deck  /  Below Decks  –  interior hull:  

            Forward Hatch, ladder to Upper Deck  /  Wheel House,  access  /  Chart Room  / 

            Central Staircase, stairs to Forward Platform    /  Central Corridor  /    

            Armory  /  Searchlight,  access  /  Galley Storage  /  Galley  /   Crews Mess  / 

           Crews Quarters  /  Aft Hatches, ladder to Aft Platform  /    

            Upper Battery Room,  ladder to below  /  

            Upper Mechanical Room, with:  catwalks,  stairs to below

Lower Deck  –  interior hull:  :  

            Air Reservoir  /  Aronnax  /  Nemo /  Salon  /  Library  /  Dining Room  /

             Center Staircase  /  Center Corridor  /   Lower Battery Room,  ladder to above  / 

            Lower Mechanical Room, with:  catwalks,  stairs to above

                  Starboard Side:    

           Guest Room  /  Storage  /  Initial Cell  ( Crew Space )

                  Port Side:                  

           WC  /   Baths  /  Diving Preparation  /  Diving Chamber,  hatch,  ladder to sea floor




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