5. Recommended Web Links

My Most Recommended Related Web Sites 

  Michael Crisafulli


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        Back in 2001 when I really got involved with planning the Nautilus with Visio 5.0, I started searching the Internet for information on the boat.  I didn’t exactly find a plethora of Nautilus specific info.  Until I found Michael Crisafulli’s spectacular web site.  After deciding to use his skeleton line drawing for my basic compartment layout, I got in touch with him and we started sharing information on our designs.  Michael started working on a 3D version some years ago and that gave me the bug for a truly accurate visualization.

        When I had a great deal completed on that first attempt, elevation only, I sent the pictures to Michael and he actually posted one on his site.  I felt truly honored.

        Once I get closer to completion of this new version I’ll be sending him a link to this site.  I couldn’t even consider having a Nautilus web site without a tribute to Michael.  So of course I’m including a link to his most outstanding web site.  It is without doubt the most thorough, in depth resource for all things “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Seas” I’ve found.

        I seriously doubt I would have stuck with all this Nautilus obsession without the influence and motivation I received from Michael Crisafulli.

                   Frank Chase

I highly recommend Frank’s web site, but more importantly, his outstanding book:

“Verne’s Vision; The Nautilus Revealed”.


                 Jean-Pierre Bouvet

JP Full

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        It was through Michael’s site that I discovered the exceptionally detailed design created by Jean-Pierre Bouvet.  I admit I struggle a bit with the French on J-P’s site, but that doesn’t impair my enormous appreciation for his work.  exceptional.

        I’d seen the reference to the Bouvet site on Michael’s for years and never went there.  The samples just looked to complex and intimidating.  After all, I was then, and am still, somewhat of a novice at this.  And it was only about late August 2014, that I finally made the electronic trip and reviewed all of Jean-Pierre’s drawings.  By this time I had completed the majority of the design elements on my own Nautilus.  I was amazed at how similar our approaches were.  And how different they were as well.  The most significant dissimilarity is our choices on the corridors used by Verne/Nemo.  I opted for the single, central corridor while M. Bouvet prefers the dual, out set corridors.  I’m amazed and impressed with all the extraordinary detail in the Bouvet concept.  I had though myself of attempting to include every pipe, valve, wire and switch.  But after applying some of that, decided this was not the presentation I wanted.  I wanted my plans and elevations to be uncrowded and easy for the viewer to comprehend.  I hope I succeeded to some degree.Regardless, I’m so enamored with the quality and extent of Jean-Pierre’s endeavor, I simply had to give tribute by referring everyone to his web site.   The viewing will be an amazing experience.


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