9. Water Systems

Water  –  Ballast & Drinking 


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        I installed a complete desalination system to provide the drinking water for the boat.   Verne described its use clearly.  My research showed that the principals were widely known and used by 1869, so this was not impractical for Nemo.  He would be far from land and need fresh water for very long periods, so he would need such a process.  In addition, there would need to be pumps in the Machine Room to circulate the drinking water throughout the boat.


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I included two large pumps for releasing the ballast water.  These would have equally large pipes leading to the upper hull which would produce the huge spouts seen from the Abraham Lincoln while the Nautilus was on the surface.  These large pipes could have been left full of water to help stabilize the pressure and it would have been pumped out when clearing the ballast tanks.