7. Additional Controls

Additional Ships Control Locations

        I attempted to create separate control panels which might be appropriate for the various locations mentioned by Vern in the narrative.  Much research was done to get examples of the pieces of equipment noted in the text.   I came up with panels for at least three locations;

        The Salon & Nemo’s cabin.   (Said to be identical)  These employ examples of historical pieces from the period.

Panels                                                                             (Click for Full Size)

        There may have been others and I’ll continue re-reading the novel attempting to find any others.

        Controls for the handling and performance of the Nautilus were also described to be in various locations.  In addition to the Wheelhouse, I believe there were controls of these types in Nemo’s Cabin, somewhere near the Crew’s Quarters and in The Mechanical Room.

This section is under construction, review and research.