1. Introduction

Illustrations Introduction

        This design project is an ongoing experience, with the drawings for sure far from completed.  I expect I’ll continue to add to, delete from or otherwise modify my drawings for some time to come.

These plans and layouts are specifically designs to display my interpretation of Jules Verne’s concept of the Nautilus as he described the vessel in his “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Seas” narrative.   Many details are not included in an attempt not to excessively clutter the drawings and thereby not confuse or distract the viewer.   This project was intended more for proportion than minutia.

        It should be noted that, where vertical walls were installed for interior needs, the vacant space remaining between wall and curved hull would be use for storage of various needs and usability. 

Although Verne incorporated many aspects not yet realized in his time, such as the Salon, I made every effort to try staying within the constraints of the 1800’s technology, the simplistic designs of known submarines of the time, and the austere approach I believe Verne and Nemo would have had toward the design and implementation of this vessel.

This project will also act as a guide for my forthcoming 3D version of the Nautilus I expect to begin around the first of the year 2015.  The tool I plan to use will be SketchUp 3D 2016, a more versatile application than Visioner 3D and Visio 2013 which I had originally planned to use on this 3D endeavor.

My hope for these drawings and associated notes will be helpful for readers of the classic book to better envision the amazing submarine and understand many of its mysteries.


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