4. Illustrations

My Nautilus Drawings done with Visio 2013


(Click for Full Size)

        These depictions of Jules Vern’s imagined vessel were done with the simple intent to plan and lay-out where each compartment of the boat was located.   I tried to include sufficient furnishings and equipment to show the compartments usage.  Extensive wiring and piping I have left for a more ambitious designer.


(Click for Full Size)

Pumps 2

(Click for Full Size)

        As excellent as this tool is for space planning, there are no previsions for Elevation drawings.  So for every elevation view I needed to create every thing from scratch, not only the compartment, but all the equipment, furniture and people involved.  This became a bit complicated and demanding when I got to such environments as the Machine Room, Diving and Diving Preparation Room and the like.  So I stayed as simplistic as possible.  I hope these compartments are at least understandable to the viewer.


(Click for Full Size)


(Click for Full Size)

        For each drawing and each location in the Nautilus, I went back to the 1860’s and 1870’s for as much reference material as I could locate.  So the water and air pumps in the Machine Room were taken from factual examples as were such things and all the gauges Nemo used in each instrument location.   Even my poor representation of the diving suit is based on the original Rouquayrol system, as well as the Ruhmkorff light which was also used in “Journey to the Center of the Earth”.   I also reviewed the Bunsen version of the sodium/mercury batteries and managed to make them look right and be the correct size.

        As much as possible, I kept all the dimensions true to Vern’s descriptions in the Walter James Miller translation, both the 1970 and 1993 publications.

        I hope you enjoy taking a trip through this amazing submarine.



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