2. Historical Reference

Notes of Historical Importance

Original Serialization:            Oct 1869  –  Jun 1870     (No Illustrations)


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First Hardback Publication:          1871     ( de Neuville / Riou Illustrations)

The Victorian Era:   1837 – 1901

        The first illustrated edition was published in 1871 by  Hetzel   

        The original  Alphonse de Neuville  and  Édouard Riou  woodcut illustrations were not included until that 1871 Hetzel publication.

        All Verne’s actual research and work on the manuscript was done prior to, or during, 1869.  Those years were my point of reference for all my technology research.  1835 to 1869.

        All my drawing results were checked against what I believe is the best text translation.

        Translation I used:       Walter James Miller and Frederick Paul Walter from  1993,  by the  Naval Institute Press  in a “completely restored and annotated edition.”


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