1. Holling C. Holling

A Few Favorite Holling Works

        Of all the art that has inspired me the most are from the pages of Holling’s  “The Book Of Cowboys” printed in 1936, only six years before I was born.  It was handed down to me from my brother who received if in 1947 when I was five.  So it’s been in my life for a long time.  It was a double impact since I was living in Arizona at the time.

Hollings 3

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        Below are a few samples of the color prints from the book.  I’ve always been moved by the way Holling applied color to these pictures.  So much brighter than the black & white movies of the time.  Hoot Gibson, Bob Steel, Ken Maynard and many others I like so much on TV around 1949 and 1950.  I’m still amazed at the way I’m effected by how dramatic he managed to make these scenes.

Holling 3

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Holling 4

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Pen & Ink

        For Wind Riderz I had thoughts of having wood plaques made of some of the pen and ink drawings from the book.  Done with rough edging they might make great wall art in a motorcycle stable, shop or office.  They may also start some interesting conversations in motorcycle dealerships.

Holling 2

        I even had the idea of getting another drawing done closely matching the relazed scene above with chaps off, sitting around on a coffee break, but with motorcycles replacing the horses.  The rest could pretty much stay the same for the riders.


        For additional decorative applications, I planned to have some of the silhouettes done in metal  for outside use, such as over an entry, driveway gate and the like.

Holling 6

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Holling 7

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More to come…