No Simple Smile

Now that my initial Dental Implant surgery is complete and I’m living with my new temporary prosthesis, I can smile openly again.  Sounds like a simple thing, it’s not.

Although I don’t get my final, permanent prosthesis for six months,  these temps look just super to me.  And they’re non-removable so I treat them like natural teeth.  It will take about a week for the post-surgery swelling to go down, but that’s such a small price to pay.  I can smile again.

For nearly 8 years now, I’ve had to make an effort every minute of every day to not smile.  Every minute of every day.  Try is just for one day.  Trust me, the humor is lost immediately  It turns out to be more of a strain than even I realized.  Emotional and psychological as well as physical. And you’re constantly reminded by your tongue touching the back of your faulty teeth, or the spaces left behind.  Talk about restriction and restraint!

So now I can once again smile openly.  The feeling of new freedom can truly not be fully expressed in words. For me this is momentous. I like to talk about what I refer to as my small miracles I seem to see all the time.  But this one is no small thing.  This is a super gig miracle for me.