2019 Update

I have recently spent many hours, days, reviewing Jules Verne’s Nautilus deck plans created by many other individuals.  I find that after all these years, I still believe my space planing background has create the most practical and efficient use of the space Verne described in the novel’s narrative.  True, there are infinite ways to arrange the compartments and uses of space on-board the vessel.

I find that after over 18 years of reviewing my design and so many others, I’m still amazed at how well I managed to arrange the interior spaces.  Everything fits and everything works according to Verne’s descriptions.

Yes, I didn’t include details on hull separation, define paths of all the piping and wiring or engineering principals of operation.  But I dd include unspecified aspects of construction and operation left by Verne to the observer.  Like the handling 1,000 lbs of fish.

My extensive notes on the Nautilus describe in detail how I resolved every issue encountered in trying to realize a practical, historically accurate plan for this amazing creation.


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