My Military Service

A Family Request

        I just received a request from my most excellent cousins for info on my dad’s Marine Corps service and some background on my own U.S. Air Force tour of duty.   I’m working on finding anything I can on my dad, who died on Iwo Jima in 1945.  Too many years gone by for such info to still be around.  Neither my mother or me were ever pack-rats so little is now available.  At least for my dad.

        I, on the other hand, remember my illustrious four years in the Air Force very well.  To say the least, there were high points and not so high.  Very low in fact.  My most excellent daughter thinks my time in the service would make a great TV series.  I must admit, there are many stories and adventures in just those four, short years.  But far too much verbage for this blog.  So I’m working on a brief history that, when completed, I’ll post on his web site under “Inspiration / Observations”.  That will be a more more appropriate location for these… military manifestations.   Once read, illumination should follow.

More forthcoming.


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