SketchUp Pro Adventure

New 3-D Design Software

        I broke down and purchased SketchUp Pro 2016 today.   I spent the last week running tutorials on this design tool and fell in love with it.  Then I went to Amazon and bought two books on the program, a beginners and an advanced.  After starting the beginners book and perusing the advanced publication, I was sold.

         This was the tool I’ve been dreaming of to realize the 3-D design ideas I have.  Most specifically, my true to Jules Verne plan for The Nautilus.  Not being a trained CAD user and having no PhD in physics or math, I was needing something more simplistic like the Visio I was so familiar with.   A piece of software with an easy and short learning curve.  It also need to include hard-copy documentation for both training and reference.  I don’t work well trying to switch screens between the active application and the digital help or used documents supplied online of on CD’s.  I like my user manuals to be off the computer.

        One of the great things about SketchUp is all the hard-copy help that’s available as well as so many excellent YouTube video tutorials.  With so much help for a program that started out designed easy to learn to begin with, this was just what I wanted.

        I’ve only been working with the new 2016 release for a couple of days, but I’m already extremely impressed.  In my “Home” page, I mention that “Dreams really do come true”.  Now here’s yet another bit of proof that the expression is absolutely true.



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