3D Design Software Dilemma

Finding the best design tool for my 3D Jules Verne Nautilus design.

            Visio?  /  3D Visioner?  /  SketchUp Pro?
Easy learning curve,  Small parts design / Drawing tools,
3D people figures, User documentation / Tutorials

         My passion to create a 3D model based on my 2D Visio drawings has led me to attempt finding a program as easy to use as Visio, but comprehensive enough for all the details I need to impart.

Vis 1        The design tool needs a few certain abilities specific to the Nautilus.
Must be able to:

Create the “cigar shaped” hull and also make it transparent.
Allow for curved walls containing curved windows (Wheelhouse).
Provide the ability to create fine details:
Such as the ships wheel in the wheelhouse, a variety of gauges.

Allow for transparency on any item:

Specifically light beams, walls and doors, any glass panel, surface or device.
Ability to insert photo or other picture items, such as:
Art in picture frames, maps on walls, carpets on floors.
If possible, human figures to people environments, work spaces.
Standing and sitting would be a tremendous help.

        I know this may be costly software, but this is the one design project I want to complete most.  There are others, but this I’ve envisioned since I saw the Disney film in 1954.  Now, having done so much research for my 2D Visio version, I want even more for people to see a submarine as close to Jules Vern’s descriptions as possible.  I think that done right, this design can be as exciting and dramatic, if not more, than any other concept so far removed from the original.

Surface 3        I also feel I need a design tool that can satisfy my driving interest in historical accuracy.  I tried with Visio, but doing three drawings of each tiny device helped my want to do the project in 3D where I could create a 1900’s water pump only once.

        So, one way or the other, I intend on completing my 3D model of Verne’s most excellent boat.

        The program that seems to satisfy nearly all my needs is SketchUp.  I’m most interested in the 2015 release.  There are many tutorial available on their web site and hardcopy books at Amazon.  I’m really hoping this will be the one and I can get started very soon.

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