War of the Worlds

My “War of the World” Project

Feb 18, 2016

        I’ve decided to return to my obsession with the historical details of the H. G. Wells classic.

        For many years I’ve wanted to track the protagonist’s movements around the Surrey area of England.  Not sure why this fascinates me so much, but I’d love to see how our hero’s travels would look on maps from the period; 1897.  Wells goes to so much trouble to mention every road, village and point of interest along his path while running from the Martians.  I want to try placing all his actions on maps to show where he went and what occurred along his travels.

        Like so much of Wells stories and those of Jules Verne, I’m dedicated to staying with the historical period to see theses events as the writer may have.  Updating to modern times may be all very artistic, but for me, there seems to be a great loss of perception when moving out of the time the story actually took place.

So, as time permits, I’ll be tracking down maps and pictures of Woking, Horsell Common, Otterahaw, Chertsey and all the other locations Wells mentions in the story.   Should prove an interesting adventure.  Maybe not as challenging as creating Verne’s Nautilus accurately, but still a challenge.

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