Design and Imagination Concepts Update

Feb 14, 2016

I finally got to adding some comments and pictures showing the range of my strange imagination.

        I posted my concept for the leaning Trike; “Mariah”, on the Wind Riderz  Extra Stuff II page.  I also added  my “Clear The Deck” furniture concept under the General Designing page.   In that parent page I also added pictures from my old 3D software days while in kitchen and bath cabinet planning work.  These pics had no relation to kitchens, however, but to my home.

        I also updated the info on the WRz Origin page, just for some clarification.

        This gave me a most excellent feeling of accomplishment to finally get this info out, even if no one else sees it but me.  I haven’t done great things in design, but what I’ve done I’m proud to have accomplished at all.


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