Cowboys and Motorcycles

Bringing The Wild West to Today’s Cruiser Riders

Logo 2Jan, 6 2016

        I think the time has come for me to share my unsuccessful dream of developing lines of merchandise for the cruiser motorcycle riders.  As much as I had a passion to see all these products and services become real, the truth of what was needed finally got through to me.  Also the awareness of the depth of the ‘deep pockets’ need to finance such a venture became overwhelming.

        I believe that had it not been for the motorcycle accident I was involved in back in 2011, which was not of my making, I may have still pursued this venture.  But a great deal of my enthusiasm for  motorcycling left me.  Although I can still ride, albeit with some trepidation, I simply could not face again, even the possibility, of seeing the faces of all the people I care about, struck with such pain and concern in the emergency room.  I can live without a motorcycle, but not with that experience again.

So rather than continuing to still make this a business, I’m electing to simply get it all thoroughly documented, like I did with the Nautilus, and share the vision.  This ‘vision’, for the most part, may truly be just a childish fantasy.  Kind of like building a spaceship out of cardboard in your back yard.  But it was such great fun putting it all together.

        With all this in mind, I’m back working on my Wind Riderz  dream with a peaceful feeling of letting go.  Who knows, perhaps one day I’ll even write a book about it all.



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