Nautilus Update

Jan 31, 2016

        I’m very pleased to say I finally completed all aspects of my Jules Verne Nautilus pages.

        After a lengthy hiatus from all the intensive detailed work, I managed to get back into the project.  Now I find it rewarding to see all the related pages there and in order.  I’d like to report it completed, but this is one of those things that can always be updated, improved or revised.   But at least all the elements I wanted are there in their entirety.

          Now anyone interested in seeing a presentation of the Nautilus, as close as I could make it to the original descriptions by Verne himself,  can see every compartment, as well as external and internal views.   In addition, I include extensive notes on why I made every decision on the design and the purpose.   On reviewing these note, I’m pleased with the results of all my research for accuracy.

        This is the ‘completion’ of an effort started in 2002 with Visio 5.0 and much assistance from other Nautilus aficionados.   Soon, I plan on starting a new, 3-D version of the Nautilus using Visioner 3D, now that I know where everything is on the plan.   This may take a lengthy learning curve since I have yet to experience that software.

        Here’s hoping any visitors to my site enjoy this perspective on the famous submarine.


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