3. Possibilities

Wind Riderz


Under Construction…

 Additional Possibilities

 1. Style Lines

        I like the idea of a ribute to the ” Mountain Men “  who started the whole “west” thing before the cowboys even arrived.  This is a line of heavy, mountain style of clothes and footwear for cold, winter weather riding by motorcyclists.  A style like the Wyatt Wear line,  yet it’s own.

         This would be another tribute style similar to the peace officers line who, for them, I created the ” Wyatt Wear “   line.  The Mountain Men line would include coats,  jackets, shirts,  pants,  insulated cloves,  moccasins and fur helmet covers.

All ‘fur’ items will be simulated so as to not upset the environmentalists.
Heavy buckskin or other leather coats and jackets will have authentic fringe at the seams.

 Names to consider for the apparel line :

        These are not as related to the killing and trapping as many others, so may be the most acceptable.
“ Pioneerz                   “ Traderz                    “ Trailblazerz   “ Pathfinderz

These might not be well received,  but sound good.
 “ Grizzlyz ”           “ Peltz              “ Trapperz

        Items in the line,  such as coats,  jackets or pants can be named after famous mountain men.

 The Jim Bridger,        The Jim Beckwourth,           The Joe Meek.
The Jed Smith,          The John Colter.               The Jeremiah Johnson.

       Possible sets:

The Tom Fitzpatrick           and                 The Jim Clyman
The Joe Dickson                and                 The Forrest Hanson
The Kit Carson                  and                 The Joe Walker
The Meriwether Lewis         and                 The William Clark             

2. Trading Posts

        Trading Posts can be named after the rivers traveled by these men.  They can be called Trading Posts or Forts.

Fort Platte,                     Snake River Trading Post,
Fort Green,                     Fort Yellowstone,
Bear River Trading Post,      Red River Trading Post.
Fort Missouri,                  Powder River Trading Post,            

 Also to be included could be a line with an American Indian style.

The only item so far are Indian style chaps called  “ Legginz .

 Rider Accessories:

An additional, smaller line of clothes,  footwear and vehicle gear for snow mobiles (” Sledz“)  

And maybe another just for the Wave Rider style of water craft.  (Motorcycles on water)

 Since Snowmobiles are only used in cold weather,  the Mountain men line would be adapted to be specifically for the vehicle as well as the snow and cold.

Some special approach needs to be found to set this group aside.

More time will be spent on that at a later date.    (to be continued…)

Since the wave rider is only used in warm weather,  perhaps an Indian style can be adapted to both the rider and the mount.

Can a wave rider be made up like an Indian pony?

Can a style be created for the rider to look and feel like an Indian?

We’ll see.  More time will be spent on that at a later date.   (to be continued…)

Platte River Trading Post” notes :

In addition to rider attire & bike accessories,

Laminated sheet hand-outs on Horse and Indian related topics.

         Types of horses,  type of vehicles,  name suggestions,  etc.

        Wall charts defining the Horse Spirit philosophy.

      Wall charts on Indian tribes (w/maps),  horse breeds, mountain men, western icons, places, people and things.

            Samples of Indian tribal colors, blankets, styles and items.

            Hand-outs, catalogs and books on Indians, horses and vehicles.

            Magazines like RoadBike, American Cowboy, Cruiser Motorcycle, Cowboys & Indians.

            Catalogs for motorcycles accessories and rider apparel.

            Catalogs for western wear.  (From web sites.)

           Flyers or catalogs for trailers, stables/barns, log homes.

Wind Riderz  Roundup notes :

 Western Riders Meet. 

Gathering of riders to see all the Wind Riderz  gear and other cowboy options.
Sources for all things cowboy suited to cruiser motorcycle riders.
Dealers and vendors on site; booths for reference materials,  etc.

to be continued…