2. Products Details Pt II

Wind RiderzWRz
Under Construction…

3. General Accessories

Extras :

Item #26  “ Brandz

Logo 2

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Concept for ranch style brands on transparent stickers,  made to order,  for bike fenders or tank application.  All Brandz are simulated done in leather with a branding iron for an authentic look.
Include WRz logo on both ” Decalz and ” Patchz.

Item #27  “ Paintz

Hollings 2

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Resource list for specialized paint shops capable and willing to do “horse” style paint jobs.

Possibly find a local paint dealer who can create formulas for such ‘horse’ colors as :

“Brindle”,  “Strawberry Roan”,  “Chestnut”,  “Palomino”,  “Sorrel”,  “Silver”, “Appaloosa”.

 Item #28  “ Trailerz

A covered motorcycle trailer designed to look like an abbreviated horse trailer.

 4. Personal Accessories    “ Sparez ”   

(These are only 8 out of limitless possibilities)

All leather items are branded with the  WRz  logo.   

Item #29  “ Journalz    leather covered
Day planners,  trip logs,  diaries,  etc.

Item #30  “ Note Padz    leather covered
With lined tablets,  pockets,  pen and pencil holders,  etc.

Item #31  “ Walletz    leather

Item #32  “ Beltz    leather  

Item #33  “ Baseball Capz     With WRz logo patch.

Item #34  “ Jewelz
Jewelry collection with;  rings, watches, necklaces, wrist bands, ear rings,  etc.    With  WRz logo.

Item #35  “ Mugz
Coffee and cold drink.    With WRz logo.

Item #36  “ Mouse Padz      With WRz logo.

Note :   All branding done with real branding irons of various sizes,  where possible.
          This may be done by making a detailed mold, pouring the metal so the image is raised and attaching the metal image to the branding rod.
May seem like a lot of trouble, but the results, especially on all leather products, would be spectacular.  A printable image could be made from a leather brand for use on plastic or other materials.  Might be nice on read fenders or other motorcycle parts.


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