1. Products Details Pt I

Wind RiderzWRz

Full Product DETAIL List

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1. Rider Accessories

There are 8 items which help improve night time visibility.

This line may require as many as 27 patents.  This is the greatest cost barrier to getting such an enterprise started.  This is why it requires such “deep pockets” which someone like me does not have.

Leather : 

Item #1  “ Chapz                Light tan leather is more visible at night.  ( Chaps & Jackets )

Concept for cowboy style chaps for the western motorcyclist.  All Chapz   come with the “no-sag” leg tops.  Special designs of batwing and stovepipe chaps modified or abbreviated to suit the motorcycle rider.
Note:      All chaps are a heavier grade of leather from traditional motorcycle chaps.  This is to prevent sagging,  better resist the cold  and reduce any flapping in the wind.


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Batwings:    Three conch style closure snaps,  heel,  knee and hip.  Modify batwings to be reduced in depth.  Motorcycles create more wind to flap them than on a horse.

Stovepipe:    Cut like Steve McQueen’s in “Magnificent Seven”,  cut for a loose fit for ease of removal.

Chaps 2

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All Chapz are cowboy cut,  not traditional “biker” cut.  Use narrow,  low riding cowboy belt,  not waist high,  heavy,  wide biker belt.  Pockets in front like working cowboy chaps, as in the film “Crossfire Trail”    Style variations can include plain and fancy,  lashes or simple,  large or small conches.Chaps

All Chapz in several shades of brown as well as black.
All Chapz come with the WRz  logo at the rear of the bottom cuff.

Item #2  “ Bootz  

Concept for cowboy boot styles for the western motorcyclist.    All Bootz   come with the replaceable toe straps for shifter protection.

BootBased of the design of the CABoots Company’s  “Caballero” model to start the line.  Or the Chippewa motorcycle boot with Velcro flap,  w/ modified heel and color.  Line would include a slightly squared toe version called the “Wyatt”.  Also include a pointed toe version called the “Matinee”.  ( For Roy and Gene.)

Solid brown leather versions and multi shades of brown.
Include shorter topped versions at 12” and 14” heights.

Include a zipper option on any boot.

Item #3  “ Moccasinz                      Light tan leather is more visible at night

Concept for Indian moccasins for the western style motorcyclist.

All Moccasinz   come with a hard sole for better handling the bike foot pegs.  Initial version would be boot height,  square toed,  shifter patch on both toes,  slip resistant sole.  Based on the Minnetonka Moccasin Company’s abilities and models.

Item #4  “ Glovez                  Light tan leather is more visible at night

Cowboy styles,  light tan work gloves with;  fixed, turned down cuffs on short summer version.  (Sewn or glued to hold the cuff down in the wind)  Also in a “Thinsulate” lined cowboy gauntlet version for winter w/ embossed WRz  logo on turned down cuff.

Metal :

Item #5  “ Spurz

Concept for cowboy style spurs using chrome or leather covered plates instead of real spur shafts.

Start with simple,  molded metal heel plate wrapped in leather.  All come with standard spur posts for use with any standard spur straps.

Include these variations, each has:

Spurs 2

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Spurz logo plate in the center of the heel,  tooled leather to match a companion strap,
All Spurz come with either chain or leather under arch retainer loop.

Special Spurz Strapz :


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Spurs 1

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Simple, plain, wide, heave gauge leather cover strap tooled heave gauge leather.


Materials :

Item #6  “ Funbeltz

Concept for cowboy style pouch belts, like holsters,  for CD or other audio players,  or general use.

Leather, simulated leather as well as the stretch material used on the “Tune Belt”.    Simulated leather version has cloth backing to reduce perspiration.

All designs have a long flap cover with Velcro closure to accommodate various height devises.

Leather version is a very simple,  smooth design.   Tooled versions could be possible too, with the WRz  logo.

Both versions would have a center buckle and the pouch on either hip.  (On the left when riding,  right hand is on the throttle,  and on the right any other time.)

Item #7  “ Head Bandz

Concept for long,  thin head bands for cyclists with western designs.

Extra long to fly behind the rider and hang below the rear of the helmet.    Patterns in the styles of cowboy,  vaquero and Indian.    Necktie style slip know used to keep ends in parallel.

Item #8  “ Bandanaz

Cowboy sized neckerchief designs.

Large sizes like Tom Seleck’s in the film “Crossfire Trail”.    Mostly muted colors;  browns, dark greens and blues,  dark red and maroon.

Item #9  “ Lidz                        Helmets in light tan leather are more visible at night

Cowboy hats,  caps and helmets in the cowboy style.  (Requires a special molded helmet with a  modified cowboy hat shape.

Caps with all the motorcycle brand names and logos.    Small style cowboy hats which can fit in a saddlebag.    Helmets shaped more like a cowboy hat and/or with western graphics.

Item #10  “ Pantz                   Light tan and blue are more visible at night

Western style jeans in tan,  brown,  blue and light blue denim.

Laced slits on the outside bottom of both legs.    Tall,  narrow pocket above the slits for glasses,  pen/pencil,  smokes,  etc.    ( When wearing only a ‘t’-shirt, pockets are especially wanted. )

Item #11  “ Vestz                   White and light tan are more visible at night

Western style white canvas vests.    Laced slits like leather jackets.    Multiple pockets with Velcro flaps.    Emblems or other graphics on the back,  such as the WRz logo.

Wyatt 2

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Note :   Not included is the entire  Wyatt Wear  line of dressier western riding clothes.  ( White sleeves visible at night. )            Boots,  Spur straps,  riding shirts (long & short sleeves),  riding pants,  vests,  bandanas,  gloves,

Boots :             Tall,  black,  high undercut heels,  small buckle on top outside edge.

Spur straps :      Black,  fancy,  as in Kurt Russell’s film “Tombstone”.

Shirts :             White,  ribbed,  fine mesh between ribs,  no collar,  Long & short sleeves.

Vests :              Black, very thin gauzy material, all vest pockets,  as in the film “Tombstone”.

Bandanas :         Long,  dark red,  blue and green,  like Wyatt’s in the film “Tombstone”.

2. Motorcycle Accessories

Metal :

Item #12  “ Leverz

Concept for western style clutch and break levers.

Levers 1

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      These levers look like curb bits with rains holes instead of nub or ball at the end.
One plain version much like the ones currently used.
A fancy version which would have ornate engraving similar to show bridles.

      Also a couple of special “western” versions such as the Winchester 94 carbine lever and the modified version for John Wayne.

Levers 2

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Levers 3

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Item #13  “ Pegz

Concept for stirrup style foot pegs for the western rider.

Foot tread is on a rocker slid over fixed shaft so foot can roll even with flat surface, not round.

Item #14  “ Gripz

Concept for pistol style motorcycle grips.
Brown leather inlaid with carved pearl panels like fancy pistol grips.
Variations can include knife hilt or just rawhide wrapped.