2. Product List

Wind RiderzWRz

List of Basic Wind Rider Products   

Under Construction...

List of Totals

As of 8/18/03,  42 total and 5 rider styles (In Progress)                 

Specific to riders.  11
        8 items which help improve night time visibility
Specific to mounts.    17       
Specific to small extras.    8           
Specific rider style,    4         
        5 with ” Cochise “
Specific follow-on possibilities    4           
Specific Art projects    2          

Rider Accessories

Hollings 2

  • “ Chapz
    Concept for cowboy style chaps for the western motorcyclist.
    Light tan leather is more visible at night.  ( Chaps & Jackets )
  • “ Bootz
    Concept for cowboy boot styles for the western motorcyclist.
  • “ Moccasinz
    Concept for Indian moccasins for the western style motorcyclist.
    Light tan leather is more visible at night
  • “ Glovez
    Cowboy styles,  light tan work gloves.
    Light tan leather is more visible at night
  • “ Spur “ SpurStrapz
    oncept for cowboy style spurs using chrome or leather covered plates instead of a real spur. 
  • “ Head Bandz
    Concept for long,  thin head bands for cyclists with western designs.
  • “ Funbeltz 
    Concept for cowboy style pouch belts, like holsters,  for tape or CD players,  or general use.
  • “ Bandanaz
    Cowboy sized neckerchief designs.
  • “ Lidz
    Helmets in the cowboy style.
    Helmets in light tan leather are more visible at night
  • “ Pantz
    Western style jeans in tan,  brown,  blue and light blue denim.
    Light tan and blue are more visible at night
  • “ Vestz
    Western style white canvas vests.
    White and light tan are more visible at night

 Mount Accessories :

 1 “ Leverz      Concept for western style clutch and break levers.

 2 “ Pegz      Concept for stirrup style foot pegs for the western rider.

 3 “ Gripz      Concept for pistol style motorcycle grips.

 4 “ Shoez      Design for fender caps that look like horseshoes.   For front and rear fenders on any style cruiser.

 5 “ Picket Plugz      Concept for cowboy style safety plates for motorcycle side stands.

 6 “ Standz      Side stand bars with hoof or horse shoe plate on ground end.

 7 “ Holderz      Tube style flag holders for when flags must be removed to use a motorcycle cover every day.

  8 “ Rainz      Concept for western style rains for use with Leverz.

 9 “ Tapaderoz      Concept for western style foot enclosures “ Tapz to protect feet in cold weather and a version for hands too.

10 “ Bagz      Collection of saddlebags in brown leathers designed as replication of original cowboy saddlebags.

11 “ Quirtz      Concept for abbreviated versions of a quirt.

12 “ Pocketz   or  “ Holsterz      Concept for a hard pouch to hold extra pair of glasses on the handle bars for quick swapping.

13 “ Hornz      Concept for bike western style gas cap.

Hollings 1

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14 “ Blanketz      Concept for vaquero style insulated blanket to protect legs in cold weather.

15 “ Brandz      Concept for ranch style brands on transparent stickers,  made to order,  for bike fenders or tank application.
Including  WRz logo  on both ” Decalz and ” Patchz.

16 “ Paintz      Resource list for specialized paint shops capable and willing to do “horse” style paint jobs  and in various breeds or colors.
“Bindle”,  “Strawberry Roan”,  “Chestnut”,  “Palomino”,  “Sorrel”,  “Silver” and  “Appaloosa”

17 “ Trailerz      A covered motorcycle trailer designed to look like an abbreviated horse trailer.

Spare Accessories :      “ Sparez These are only 8 out of limitless possibilities.

 1 “ Journalz  
leather covered  
Day planners,  trip logs,  diaries,  etc.  with  branded  WRz logo.

 2 “ Note Padz   
leather covered,  lined tablets,  pockets,  pen / pencil holders,  etc.  branded  WRz logo.

 3 “ Walletz   
leather covered,  branded  WRz logo.

 4 “ Beltz    leather
branded  WRz logo on buckle.

 5 “ Baseball Capz    
With WRz logo patch.

 6 “ Jewelz
Jewelry collection with;  rings, watches, necklaces, wrist bands, ear rings,  etc.
With WRz logo.

 7 “ Mugz        Coffee and cold drink.
With WRz logo.

 8 “ Mouse Padz  
With WRz logo.   

to be continued…