3. Extra Stuff II

Wind Riderz
More Offshoots Derived From The Wind Riderz Process


          While I was a serious motorcycle rider, I had the opportunity to see and talk with Trike riders.  Ans as I got older, I even gave thought to moving from two wheels to three.  One day.  But the problem I had came from the stiff ride a Trike gives, so different from the smooth leaning action of a motorcycle.  And for many riders, they avoid trading to a Trike because of loosing that ‘motorcycle feel’.

        But one fortuitous day, I came across a video on the Internet of the Carver Leaning Car.  I realized this was just what was needed to resolve the ‘aging’ problem for riders.  If Carver, of their licencee, could adapt the design into a true motorcycle front end with the Carver leaning technology for the two wheeled rear end, problem solved.

Mariah 1

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        Once the idea hit me, my imagination took off.  Hey, it’s me.  And the “Mariah” concept took shape.   In a nutshell, I applied my Wind Rider cowboy heritage principals to the leaning Trike idea.

        Being both a rider (then) and a fan of musical theater, I made the connection to the words in the song from “Pain Your Wagons”.

Away out here, they got a name,
For rain and wind and fire.
The rain is Tess, the fire Joe,
And they call the wind  Mariah

        How appropriate is that for an open ride like a motorcycle inspired leaning Trike?  Then of course, I started fleshing out the concept.  At the time, I had great appreciation for all the Kawasaki products, especially the Vulcan line.  Plus, I thought the naming went well together… the Kawasaki Vulcan Mariah.

        Of course I have no idea if Kawisaki, or any other bike manufacturer would be interested, but the idea was so much fun I couldn’t let it go.  Below are some notes I made in preparation:

        Kawasaki might be nice for a manufacturer.  They already have the Vulcan Nomad Line, so…

        How about the Mariah Cayuse and Condor
        Cayuse is a horse and the Condor is a bird.  Both appropriate for the wind.
The Cayuse is an Indian raised pony so this model would be the no frills model.   All brown painted frame, fenders/tank/panels horsehair texture.

Standard motorcycle components;
Basic Handlebars, Grips, Pegs, Levers, etc.
( Ready for aftermarket upgrades )
( All leather is tan or distressed brown – like western saddle )
Target pricing in the range of:    $10k to $12k

The Condor is a grant bird of great size. So this model would have all the frills similar to the current Trikes:
Faring with radio, GPS, electronics, etc.  All the bells and whistles.
This model has option for black frame and standard paints.
Standard trike accouterments;
Trunk, Hard Bags, Stereo Speakers, reverse gear, etc.
Target pricing in the range of:    $20k to $35k

My idea for the first model was to keep it simple to appeal to the cruiser rider without the big bucks for a full blown, high end Trike.  So the vision is finding a way to combine the Carver from above, with something like the front section of the little Trike below.


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         Once again, the art work of Holling C. Holling came to me from “The Book of Cowboys” which gave me much motivation and encouragement.

Hollings 3

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        I really like this concept and still hope to contact Carver Technologies to their thoughts on the prospects.  This idea is now (2016) about six years old and, I believe, still very viable.  The thing that older riders miss when giving up their two wheels for three is that lean going around curves and corners.  There’s a feeling of being unsure and concerned about stability whit a stiff framed Trike.  The “Mariah” concept would be a huge benefit to all riders, not just seniors or the physically limited.

        As to the cost, I truly believe that the unit cost could be kept low to satisfy the need.   As the American rider population ages, the opportunity to continue riding with the old feeling of control would make this popular beyond belief.  I think this ride would sell like nickle beer.