1. The Origin

Wind Riderz

(under construction)

      This concept began with the simple idea of wanting something different than the “biker black”, all that was available when I went looking for my first pair of chaps.

      I realized I not only wanted tan chaps, but also an alternative to the “biker” style.  But without loosing all the rough, ‘macho’ look and feel. So I designed a concept pair of chaps that not only had the look and feel I wanted, but solved the sagging dilemma inherent in all biker chaps.  A slightly modified form of the traditional ‘batwing’ cut, with the same heavy leather and three rear leg clips.  My simple solution could very easily change how all rider chaps will be made in the future.

      This concept expanded quickly to jackets, vests, boots, gloves and a whole range of rider products.

      I then realized what I truly wanted was a single source for all products in the style I targeted, regardless of manufacturer, under one ‘roof’.  So the idea of a catalog came along.  Then a web site based on the catalog.  A web site with not only all the Wind Riderz items,  but with links to any and all other sites where riders could find similar products.

      I knew I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel.  I wanted to modify products already prevalent in the marketplace and find manufacturers to produce the modified versions of existing items for exclusive use under the Wind Rider name.  But with due reference to the producer, of course.  Because I don’t want Wind Riderz to be in the manufacturing at all.  Just in the design,  development and marketing part.

      So I started with things of leather and simulated leather, but quickly expanded into other areas, motorcycle accessories as well as more and more additional items of rider apparel.

      As positive feedback from both riders and business people came to me, the line, its history and philosophy continued to expand.

      Now it’s expanded into almost a culture all its own.  Yet still remains just an alternative for rider choice,  not a replacement for anything already available.  And always trying to keep it fun by not taking myself too seriously.

      I was advised early on of the real safety considerations included in many of the designs, and I should promote them.  This led to specific modifications and additions just for those safety considerations.  And again the product line expanded.


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      I then found additional support in my local SCORE group.  ( Service Corps of Retired Executives )  They recommended I trademark my business name and logo as soon as possible and get a large batch of t-shirts made up.  They told me I could make significant money just due to the name and logo to support further steps,  because of the look.  And they wanted me to get my logo on the back of my tan jacket.

Logo 2

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At this point I decided I needed a business manager or mentor or agent.  My gift is the vision,  the creativity,  the imagination,  the history, the motivation.  Not the running of a business.  However,  I did realize how much I would enjoy traveling around to motorcycle and craft shows demonstrating the products and talking about the and all things motorcycle.  Promoting the things I love would not only be easy, but who better to do that part but the person with the vision.

to be continued…