2. Extra Stuff I

Wind Riderz
Some Offshoots Derived From The Wind Riderz Process

“Wind Rider Ranch”

          One of the results of planning for my Wind Riderz  life was creating what I called “Wind Rider Ranch”.

          Even before this project got started, I had been searching for a “Dream House” with all the immensities I could want in the layout.  It was a ranch house because I like the idea of one floor and no stairs for later in life. I even included a  spare, ‘secret’ room for my daughter, which I later modified into a tiny apartment on a second level.

WW Ranch

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        I managed to find an excellent floor plan online and copied it into Visio.  This was before I even started on WRz.  I only made a few modifications to the house, but they made it much more suitable for me.  I even changed it to be a log house, while keeping the original plan.

        Once I got really involved with WRz, I decided the coolest thing would be to start a ranch.  But instead of horses, I would raise motorcycles.  I figured bikes would make less mess to clean up, unless they were Harleys.   That’s just a joke.  But they would seriously need less grazing land.   Well, for this I would need a Stable.  Now that was a fun design project.


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Stable 3

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         I drew the motorcycles while creating the ranch house, but added more for the Sable.  I loved the idea of a covered paddock and and a shop.  Having stall doors would be nice in warm weather for both the stalls and the shop.  But I included ceiling fans in the shop regardless.  The whole design was to look just like a horse stable, but with unique size stalls… smaller for the bikes, larger for the four wheels.  It was all heavy beams and a very rustic look.  But with specific purpose.  I even included an office and a tack room.


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        Some people may wonder why anyone would need a Tack Room  for motorcycles.  But I figured it could come in very handy.  In addition, I planned to have a constant charging, individual  “Battery Tender” in every motorcycle stall.  Some bikes may sit for a while between rides and this would make it easy to keep the batteries charged up.  The shop included a bike lift and workbench.

        I allowed for eight motorcycle stalls and three stalls for four wheels, but created several other versions for more vehicles.  I made the four wheel stall size large enough for SUVs since I had a Jeep Cherokee at the time and planned, at least then, for a Grand Cherokee.  For both, I had to do my own drawings just like the bikes.


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        But it was all just another great “cowboy” project and I was having the time of my life being creative.