Wind Riderz

Wind Riderz


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Cowboy Gear and Equipment for Motorcycle Riders and their Mounts

Under Construction…

      The concept for Wind Riderz  originated in my desire to get away from all the black leather that was available for cruiser motorcycle riders.  Even now, in 2016, nearly 15 years after I started this idea, black is still just about all you can find.

     Regretfully, my 2011 motorcycle accident curtailed my motivation to pursue this venture.  While recovering, I realized it was really only a childish fantasy.  A cardboard box spaceship in the back yard.  But I pass along the details simply for their creative value.  I may never realize these things, but in truth, it’s all damn cleaver.

      I was motivated first of all when buying my first pair of chaps.  I managed to find a nice pair in tan and not that basic black.  I loved them.  But…

      Like all motorcycle chaps, they were made from a light weight leather.  What I truly wanted were real cowboy chaps made from a heavier leather.  The light weight chaps tended to sag dramatically after being worn for a short time and ended up looking sloppy.  And from this single issue, my imagination went quietly ballistic.

      What follows in the related pages is where that imagination took me, from a simple pair of chaps.

      I hope you get a kick out of this part of my craziness.

This endeavor is just starting and will be in progress for some time to come.